How to Sexually Arouse Your Spouse Through the 5 Senses

One way or the other, all human senses contribute to sexual drive. The sex secrets offered here can help anyone to appreciate and maximize the power of the sense to initiate sexual attraction.


This is a powerful stimulus for men. If a man sees her wife, for instance in a transparent night dress, he may be sexual alerted. He sees all the curves and cleavages in her body. Similarly, seeing a woman’s breasts, either naked or dressed, is able to arouse a man for sex.

Therefore, a woman can use her body to lure her husband to bed. As a woman, use your body signs to ask for sex once in a while. As he sits watching TV, appear to him naked or half-naked. With your panties on, that alone speaks volume to his mind, sending signals to sex hormones that will in turn trigger him for action.

Locked down and bored? Women are demanding more quality sex for a reason!


If there is anything that will make your spouse to be pissed off, it is bad body odor. Every spouse wants to caress clean, sweet-smelling body. In the ancient days, human beings were known to use perfume. They would spray it on their bed as well as on their clothes.

This has been found out to be sexually exciting to men. (If you read the Song of Solomon in the Bible, you will find proofs of perfume usage). Bad smell from the body can suppress the happy mood necessary for intercourse. Some perfumes are specially made for that purpose.


Generally the ears are gates into the mind. What a person hears can stimulate him or her for sex. A practical case study could be found in music with themes on love and romance. In the same vein, saying love-saturated words to your spouse can get him or her in the mood.

Women are the most vulnerable in this case. They can be wooed easily into the act. Recite a love poem to his/her hearing tonight.


This is the basic element of sexual arousal. Depending on the emotional state of a woman, ordinary physical contact with any part of the body can make her to be sexually attracted to a man. There are some women who attribute this to a sort of unexplainable warmth that flows into them when men hold their hands, shake hands with them, or embrace and peck them.

For the purpose of sex, a spouse will have to touch or caress sensitive parts of the body. Majority of men love the feel of a woman’s breasts and buttocks. On the other hand, women love the feel of men’s hand on erotic areas of their bodies.

Men find it extremely lustrous to touch and caress beautiful butt. It is also natural for men to finger anus though it might feel as dirt job.


This goes up with the desire to kiss the lips or tongue or any other part of the body. This is important to avoid self imposed frigidity by some women.

In the height of passion and when lust gets fired up nothing feels dirty. Penis, vagina or even anus might feel like sweet chocolate. However, from health point of view it is better to be clean and hygienic.